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Ibiza boat hire
One of our gorgeous catamarans sailing in Ibiza

We are happy to offer you all type of vessels for Ibiza boat hire: luxurious yachts, sailing boats, catamarans, speed boats and motor boats.

You can pick from the short but intense sunset rides in San Antonio on our catamarans, or the half day, or full day Ibiza boat trips along the best beaches in Ibiza or to the breathtaking island of Formentera.

We operate from all the ports in Ibiza and Formentera all year round.

Catamaran charter Ibiza

Idyllic image of our catamaran Lagoon 380 sailing between Ibiza and Formentera

Enjoy a whole new perspective of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera from the sea. It will be the best day of your holidays in Ibiza!

Catamaran Ibiza

From boat charter Ibiza we are happy to offer you our catamarans in Ibiza and the rest of the Balearic Islands.

Catamaran Ibiza

On this picture you can check out one of our luxurious catamarans in Ibiza

sailing catamaran in Ibiza
One of our beautiful catamarans sailing between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera

But what type of vessel is a catamaran ?

For the uninitiated in the world of sailing an boats and those of you considering renting a catamaran in Ibiza this summer , we will begin by saying that a catamaran is a boat that has two hulls, which is like placing two single hulled sailing boats together next to each other , leaving an empty space between the two hulls ,flying over the water, without touching the waves, and therefore without producing friction against it, thus catamarans are more stable and sail faster than regular sailing boats .

hulls of a catamaran in Formentera
On this image we can see the great space between both hulls of a catamaran

On the picture above we can fully appreciate the space between the two hulls that “flies ” over the water

The origin of catamarans

The word catamaran comes from the Tamil language originated in Sri Lanka. Back in the day, Tamil people built the first catamarans. It was a type of boat widely used not only in Southeast Asia but also in other parts of the world and in the Pacific. Came to be as a canoe with an annex that helped keeping always the upright position and prevented overturned towards one side. It also endowed the boat with additional space and the boat user could allocate people rowing on the main hull, while the other hull was used for transportation of goods , provisions, etc. .

catamaran stern at anchor in Ibiza
The sterns of our catamarans

On the image above you can see the stern of one of our catamarans for hire in Ibiza and the steps that ease your way into the water.

Catamarans today

Today, any of the catamarans for rent that you can hire in Ibiza and the Balearic islands, is made of fiberglass. Catamarans are manufactured through a process very similar to regular mono-hulled sailing boats, using molds and filling up this molds with fiberglass. Cruise catamarans offer a lot of advantages over traditional single-hull sailboats.

A catamaran can navigate on sail, on motor, or both sail and motor. Those with sails are known as sailing catamarans or multihull sailing boat. When the catamaran has only engines as sole means of propulsion , it is known as power-catamarans .

Most catamarans incorporate a motor in each of the hulls , which also provide a higher safety in the event of one of the two engines failing. It also endows the boat with a higher maneuverability in short spaces even being possible to spin on its own axis. This feature is almost unthinkable for a single-hulled sailing boat.

The rise of the demand on catamaran for rent in Ibiza

Development in technology and safety improvements on modern catamarans , with the significant increase in the volume of their hulls , but without losing any sailing performance, has risen year after year the demand for rental catamarans in Ibiza and Formentera and other growing markets throughout the entire Mediterranean coast and islands.

Advantages of a catamaran over a sailing boat

As mentioned before, the catamaran offers a high number of advantages over a regular sailing boat, but these advantages are especially notable for those who have not had prior involvement with the world of sailing.

  • Almost total absence of heeling : catamarans do not heel.
  • Also since the catamaran is balanced at all times, it does not convey a sense of unsafety for people unfamiliar with sailing or boating.
  • Great habitability : The living area featuring a catamaran both inside and outside is spectacular, especially when compared to a normal single hull sailboat of similar length . We can say that the living space is almost double , and this feature is essential as it provides not only more space for users, but also let us introduce a higher number of amenities on board: a refrigerator plus size , high freshwater capacity tanks , more space for toilets and showers , larger beds and a boat much more stable and comfortable when moored.
  • Catamaran  are heavier than sailboats, but since they offer a lower water friction coefficient, they have a better hydrodynamic . In other words, the sharp hulls of a catamaran provide less water friction than a single hulled sailboat.
catamaran Ibiza
adventages of catamaran versus a sailing boat, the two hulls

The extremely high demand for catamaran charter Ibiza

Year after year there is a greater demand for rental boats in Ibiza, and this increasing demand typically corresponds to new renters, people who have or have had very little to do with the world of nautical sports. Among this first timers, the catamaran has emerged as the most demanded type of boat in Ibiza.

Most companies dedicated to Ibiza boat hire are fully booked for their catamarans by mid-March every year, especially for the most demanded weeks that are often the last week in July and the first weeks in August.

Interior layout of a catamaran

Each catamaran offers an amazing space over the platform that flies over the water linking both hulls. Most models use this wide space to place a comfortable living room or lounge.
Then both hulls are usually identical on the charter boats, offering a couple of cabins on each hull. On the contray, on the owner’s versions, the hulls are quite often different. One of the hulls offers 2 cabins, while the other hull has a huge cabin with a small office and a really spacious bathroom with a separate shower.

Interior catamaran
Between both hulls, catamarans usually have a spacious lounge

So, why us, boat charter companies, do not offer more catamarans in Ibiza

The answer to this question is quite simple and is summed up in three words : shortage of moorings . Usually it is really difficult , if not impossible, to get a permanent mooring for a traditional sailboat in Ibiza. So you can imagine the extreme difficulty of finding a mooring in a port for a boat like a catamaran, whose beam (width) occupies almost the space of two ssailing boats. On top of that, in case of finding not one but two free berths at a port , we also need these two berths to be next to each other.

So, when should I book my holiday on a catamaran in Ibiza?

If you want to book a catamaran hire Ibiza , especially if you are looking into the first weeks of August , you really need to plan ahead and make up your mind as soon as possible.

The first bookings are typically secured on January, and are quite often our central European neighbors those planning and securing the first reservations : German, Dutch , British and French. Then, as the months pass by, and we get closer to summer , the Mediterranean countries, especially the domestic market in Spain and the Italians start to be very active on reservations.

There is a popular saying in Spain stating that experience is the mother of science, and those who wanted to rent a catamaran in Ibiza and have stayed on land or have had to choose another destination, know well that they cannot wait too long when booking your catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera.

Ibiza catamaran rental customers

customers on the catamaran in Calabassa, Ibiza
Some of our happy customers on the catamaran

The evolution of the demand for boats has conditioned the offer

Every year there is a greater demand for rental catamarans. Just the opposite happens to regular sailing boats. This also happens in sailboat sales, since most boat charter companies in Ibiza are buying only catamarans when buying new boats to renew their fleets.

ibiza boat hire

If you are planning to rent a boat in Ibiza and Formentera in the summer of 2014 and do not have much experience in this area, we can say from personal experience, that you have a lot of work ahead of you. The offer of boat rental in Ibiza is a bit messy. Boats, sailboats, catamarans, powerboats, and yachts. Then we need to clear up if prices include VAT, local taxes and what the heck are the “extras” or the “comfort pack”? What’s all that? Will I be able to rent a boat in Ibiza? Or is ti going to cost me an arm and a leg? On top of everything that i am paying, do I also need to pay for bed sheets, rent a dinghy and an outboard motor? Are you kidding me? Why don’t you give all-inclusive prices to make it easier to compare among all the offers in Ibiza?

Ibiza boat hire

Can you picture yourself admiring this sunset with Es Vedra on the back?

Ibiza boat charter
Enjoy the best sunsets from a charter Boat in Formentera and Ibiza

Who is offering me a boat for rent in Ibiza?

The amount of charter companies, distributors, dealers, boat brokers and boat owners that are offering their charter services on the Balearic island is huge. The financial crisis over the recent years in Spain has taken a toll on mainland Spain. Not only on the rental price but especially on demand. Both concepts have plummeted and many charter companies in the Iberian Peninsula, because of the lack of demand, have been forced to move their fleets to the promised land, in search of the holy grail called Ibiza, also known as the only Spanish territory in which tourism demand grows every year at the same rate than before the financial recession in Spain.

Ibza boat hire
Rent one of our luxury yachts in Ibiza and fly over the waves

What is the current situation in Ibiza?

Rumor has that ports are packed and it’s really hard to find a berth to dock your boat. Well, the truth is that the demand for rental boats in Ibiza is so high during the months of July and August that despite all charter boats that move to the island to cover all the charter requests, the demand can’t be fully covered. This situation, especially critical by mid August, is well known in Ibiza.

Ibiza catamaran rental

One of our catamarans docked the Yacht Club San Antonio in Ibiza.

catamaran rental Ibiza
This is one of the most popular sailing boats for hire in Ibiza, the catamaran

The problem of lack of moorings for yacht charter Ibiza

Since the amount of berths at all the ports in Ibiza town is not enough, some of the boats for hire in Ibiza are anchored off ports or at sheltered coves such as Talamanca bay near the port of Ibiza town or San Antonio Bay near the port San Antonio Abad, on the west side of the island of Ibiza.

The rest of the ports on the island, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia, take care of most of the charter boats in Ibiza. The port of Santa Eulalia is not too big , but in San Antonio Yacht Club is becoming the home port for most boat charter companies in Ibiza. The “club nautico” in San Antonio has changed for the better throughout the last years, with the latest additions  and improvements of their facilities. A bit pricy, but still far from the rip off in Ibiza town.

boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera
Some of our customers enjoying one of our catamarans in Ibiza

San Antonio, port base for chartered catamarans

As we stated before, finding a decent mooring on Ibiza island is a bit of a quest for a regular sailing boat. A catamaran offers many advantages over a sailboat: spaciousness, livability , stability, speed, comfort , and a long list of improvements. But only one drawback. It’s really hard, if not impossible, to find a berth at port for a monohull sailboat that has a beam (width) of about 3-4 meeters. So you can imagine the difficulty of finding a berth for a catamaran, occupying the same space almost two traditional sailing boats. Catamarans are about 7 meters wide. So, the problem is multiplied by two, with the addition that a catamaran does not need two random berths, but two berths that are simultaneously available and also contiguous.

Ibiza sailboat rental

BCI “boat charter Ibiza” also offer Ibiza sailboat rental, with a large fleet of sailing boat offered for rent from the ports of Marina Ibiza, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia.

Renting a sailing boat in Ibiza is a distinct , original and ideal way to go from the island of Ibiza, across the strait, to Formentera . If you close your eyes and think of the typical postcard Ibiza surely will imagine a turquoise water beach with white sand and some white houses on the background, and a group of sailing boats moored in front of the cove. Ibiza is an island that has a great international demand for sailing boat for many reasons: the clarity of its waters, the large amount of voces providing good shelter for anchoring , benevolent and prevailing wind from the east usually mild, that delights sailing fans. And of course do not forget the main engine of the economy of the island, all the night clubs and leisure industry. DJs even lower their caches as to include the island of Ibiza in their CVs.

sailing boat ibiza
A sailboat sailing upwind on a perfect day in Ibiza

Development sailboat rental market in Ibiza

For decades Ibiza has been a must stop for ships sailing in the Mediterranean. But it has been the large influx of regular land tourists that has skyrocketed the sailboat rentals sector in Ibiza. Those tourists who stroll along the shore of the amazing beaches of Ibiza and Formentera, look curiously the number of boats and sailboats anchored off the coast, and wonder how it would feel to spend a week or a few days on board one of those boats.

Not so many years ago, spending a week on a sailboat rental in Ibiza and Formentera, let’s say that it was not suitable for all types of characters and personalities. The boats were much more spartan, hardly offered any comfort, and weather forecasts were not as accurate as today. Hiring a sailboat in Ibiza for a week as more appropriate for a group of young boys, bohemians, adventurers, willing to sacrifice the luxuries of land, in order to live a different experience.

sailboat with spinnaker Ibiza
When sailing downwind, the Spinnaker sail pulls from the sailing boat and looks spectacular

Today’s sailing boats

Unlike the old days, today charter boats offer all kinds of luxuries and comforts. Many feel almost as houseboats. Technological advances applied to the market of recreational boating have “humanized” boats and what is most important: have made charter sailing boats and the general public come together.

So, the offer of sailing boat rental in Ibiza has been included in traditional travel agencies, tour operators and others involved in the “normal” tourism businesses.

Sailing boat hire Ibiza
Beautiful image of one of our sailboats sailing with a gennaker sail

Companies of boat hire Ibiza

Despite the boom in demand for boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera, business complexity in Ibiza, seen from the point of view of charter companies, has preserved this small local industry from large wholesalers and companies in addition to prevent the entry of large fleets of charter boats, as has happened in other Mediterranean islands.

Hen party Ibiza
Some of our customers who came to one of our sailing boats for an original hens do in Ibiza

The main reason for this complexity is the lack of berths in Ibiza and Formentera. For the single users arriving in Ibiza on their sailboat, it is also difficult to find a berth at any of the ports, but is less problematic, since it usually has more flexibility in terms of schedule. On the contraty, for the boat rental companies is much more complex, because at least to perform the initial embarkment of passengers and their baggage, they need to have the boat docked at the port. Even before the arrival of customers, is necessary to have the boat at the port to give access to the cleaning company, and to prepare water and equip the vessel with all that is needed for the entire rental week.

Ibiza hen do

If you are thinking about celebrating your sister’s or best friend’s hen party in Ibiza, then you landed on the right place. Ibiza hen do is one of our flagship products. We can offer you gorgeous private sailing boats and catamarans for large groups who are looking for an original hen do in Ibiza. We have offers from 490 euros in low season for a half day at one of our catamarans, including in the price the skipper, VAT and fuel. We will always give you final prices with NO surcharges or last minute surprises!

ibiza hen party
Our spacious catamarans are ideal to celebrate your hen party in Ibiza

Luxurious catamaran for Ibiza hen do

Contact directly with José Navas, our manager, at +34 675 137 265, also in WhatsApp or email us at info@charteralia.com to sort out all your doubts

First we would like to clarify that our boats are rented exclusively for closed groups and therefore only you and your friends will be on the yacht, and you will NOT have to share the boat with other groups. Therefore our ibiza hen do product is quite different from the typical boats who embark groups of 80 or 100 people. On the contrary, our boats are more private, exclusive and not necessarily more expensive.

Ibiza hen do boat rental
Ready to set sail at the fancy Yacht club in San Antonio, Ibiza

Although we have several options for boat hire Ibiza with skipper for hen and bachelorette parties, the most successful option of all seasons, is usually the full day catamaran trip along the best beaches in Ibiza. For tighter budgets, we also offer half day trips, or even a quick ride out to watch a wonderful sunset from our boat right in front of the legendary Café del Mar and Cafe Mambo.

hen do ibiza catamaran sailing boat
We just arrived after a half day excursion on the catamaran, back to port

Our catamarans are ideal for large groups, and it is the best boat for a hen party in Ibiza, since  it is much more stable than any other ship, so none of you will get seasick, and you will enjoy an impressive space on board of 80 square meters, so all of you can lay down to sun bathe on the nets at the front of the catamaran or at any other area of the boat.

boat for hen party ibiza
We also offer motor yachts for bachelorette parties in Ibiza

Furthermore, all our catamarans offer so many amenities on board, all included in the rental fee, such as bluetooth wireless speakers, so you can connect your smartphone directly to the speakers, and become the boat DJ, playing your own music or playlist throughout the day. All our catamarans also include a Stand Up Paddle Surf Board (SUP) which delight our customers in each of the stops we make along the route of the boat tour.

stand up paddle surf ibiza hen do
All our catamarans offer a complimentary Stand up Paddle Surf Board so our customers can use it at any of our stops

Ibiza hen do sleeping on board our boats

If you already have experience in boat rentals and you think you can live for a few days without the usual amenities of land: lack of electricity, very little hot water on board, limited running water and small bathrooms, then you can also consider the option to stay on board one of our boats for one or several days, depending on your hen party plan.

hen party ibiza on a boat
Renting a boat is definitely one of the best ideas for hen parties in Ibiza

We recommend booking in advance, especially if you want to celebrate your hen party in lbiza in high season: July and August. During that period there are very few boats that are rented for single days and especially on weekends since those days are usually the most popular ones and often we run out of boats to offer, because most owners usually only offer boat rentals in Ibiza for full weeks.

ibiza hen weekend
The nets, at the front of the catamaran, are one of the favourite areas on board

In this link you can see all the Ibiza hen do pictures we have had on board our catamarans and sailboats in Ibiza last season.

We are aware that you probably have a lot of doubts and questions as you read these lines, so please do not hesitate to contact directly with José Navas (+34 675,137,265) our manager, who also works as skipper of one of our catamarans. We are sure that after 10 minutes of conversation all your doubts will be solved and you will be in a position to start the the grueling task of putting all your friends agree! 🙂