Great reasons to hire a catamaran in winter in Ibiza

Great reasons to hire a catamaran in winter in Ibiza
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Sailing is a real pleasure whatever the time of year in Ibiza and Formentera. In winter it is also a charming experience. We can say it is a more easygoing and reflective navigation. That allows you to delight in every detail.

With the arrival of fall, many boats remain moored waiting for the high temperatures to arrive. Luckily in Charteralia we have two Lagoon 380 catamarans in the port of San Antonio to be hired for you any day of the year!!!

Lagoon 400 catamaran for rent in Ibiza in winter
Lagoon 400 catamaran for rent in the quiet winter

So for sailors who do not want to wait high season starts they can rent a catamaran in Ibiza with US!!!

Crazy prices

In winter we can offer you amazing discounts on our catamarans. With a difference from the summer rates of up to 50%. Ibiza boat hire in winter months with tight prices is an excellent idea. The nautical is one of the sectors where seasonality and Isis most influences…

Overnight on board on our Lagoon 380 catamaran in Ibiza

Two girls having fun on a catamaran rent in Ibiza
Girls having fun on a catamaran rental in Ibiza

A very interesting option to boat trip in Ibiza in winter that combines to enjoy a luxurious catamaran, leisure and comfort, is to rent a catamaran. In addition you will overnight on board at San Antonio port. It is an option which will not be influenced too much by winter weather.

What models are available to hire in Ibiza in winter with Charteralia?

We are happy to offer you our gorgeous sailing catamaran Lagoon 380:, available for PRIVATE one-day excursions and boat trips, with a maximum legal limit of up to 12 passengers + your captain!

Clothing for winter sailing in Ibiza and Formentera

Regarding clothes on board we must know the following:

Natural fabrics such as cotton and wool absorb perspiration much better. Therefore  lycra, it is not the best material. It is much better to substitute lycra for thermal garments. Thermal garments have the external appearance of lycra, but with an interior similar to wool.

The head is one of the parts of our body more sensitive to the cold. That is why it is very important to wear a hat.

Finally, some seasoned sailors say that with warm hands, warm feet and head, the rest of the body will be fine.

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