Ibiza sailboat rental

Sailing boat hire Ibiza

BCI “boat charter Ibiza” also offer Ibiza sailboat rental, with a large fleet of sailing boat offered for rent from the ports of Marina Ibiza, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia.

Renting a sailing boat in Ibiza is a distinct , original and ideal way to go from the island of Ibiza, across the strait, to Formentera . If you close your eyes and think of the typical postcard Ibiza surely will imagine a turquoise water beach with white sand and some white houses on the background, and a group of sailing boats moored in front of the cove. Ibiza is an island that has a great international demand for sailing boat for many reasons: the clarity of its waters, the large amount of voces providing good shelter for anchoring , benevolent and prevailing wind from the east usually mild, that delights sailing fans. And of course do not forget the main engine of the economy of the island, all the night clubs and leisure industry. DJs even lower their caches as to include the island of Ibiza in their CVs.

sailing boat ibiza
A sailboat sailing upwind on a perfect day in Ibiza

Development sailboat rental market in Ibiza

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