Electronic equipment for rental boats in Ibiza

Electronic equipment for rental boats in Ibiza
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For all sailors in Ibiza, it is important that when renting a yacht, she has the necessary habitability and comfort. To achieve this level of comfort, you must have different accessories for rental boats in Ibiza and diverse nautical material such as technology, safety, comfort, leisure, electricity, etc.

The nautical accessories provide an interesting set of elements, made with every detail, and with the specific material, for a correct adaptation to the marine environment and to sail in the safest way.

sunset Ibiza
what to do when you are at anchor in the bay in San Antonio, Ibiza

Classic led lights, modern, submersible

White, tricolor, anchor lights, deck lights, crosshead lights, halogen spotlights, spotlights with cable, rechargeable, etc.

The mechanism of LED lights is developed with the latest technology, to combine long durability, sufficient lighting power and low energy consumption.

Boats for rent Ibiza:Weather Stations

Ideal to know the atmospheric conditions, before the navigation, in the planning of the latter, and also during the trip.

They are normally installed on the rental yacht and can then be monitored from mobile systems with Android, iPhone, tablets and iPad, etc.

Catamaran charter Ibiza
Idyllic image of our catamaran Lagoon 380 sailing between Conejera and Ibiza island

Solar panels in yachts Ibiza

The advantages of having a solar installation on the charter boat offer us the autonomy and comfort of having a clean, cheap and silent energy source, very useful for long navigation without having to worry about the electric charge.

The solar kits in Ibiza provide enough energy for different devices that we can carry on the boat, as is the case of television, music chains, kitchen appliances, laptops, etc.

When installing the solar panels permanently, you can take advantage of the deck of the ship. If it is flat, it is advisable to install these panels that have safety glass and aluminum frame.

If the cover or surface is slightly curved, solar panels without glass or frame, flexible or semi-flexible, may be used. Those are ideal for the nearby island of Formentera, with many solar hours.

There is also the option of installing flexible solar panels by taking advantage of their grommets at the corners. In this way, the panel can become a temporary installation and withdraw from the boat in the months of little sunlight.


The autopilot is a fundamental device present among the electronics for boats, in the case of sailing or motor boats  and catamarans in Ibiza and Formentera.

When choosing the autopilot to install, there are two modes. On one side is the one that is placed on the tiller of the rudder or in the control wheel. On the other hand are the automatic pilots integrated under the deck, with a hydraulic system for large displacement ships.

The automatic pilots called cane autopilots,  have lower power, are slower and are not advisable for ocean navigation.

The probe

When navigation takes place in places where there is not much effectiveness of nautical charts, a digital probe will allow the boat to approach the coast without the risk of colliding with obstacles.

Communications on board

Some items such as VHF radio stations, satellite phone with built-in kit for internet connection and a portable VHF are also very important.

The advantage that these portable VHF can bring is their manageability. In addition, they occupy a smaller space, can even be used on deck. As disadvantages, their scope is lower than the case of fixed VHF, and usually do not count on the so-called “digital selective call”, when requesting help.

The range of the VHF will be determined by a quality antenna and good wiring. It is important that the antenna is located at the highest point of the boat.

Satellite and internet phone

From 10 miles the coverage of phones using GSM is often lost. The best solution for the connection to continue is to use satellite. For instance the Iridium Go is one of the best devices.

The variables that must be taken into account, in addition to the coverage of the phone, are: the model or type of terminal, the rates or call plans, the level of services, etc. The call plan must be adapted to the communication needs of each particular case.

The main satellite networks are: the Inmarsat network, with coverage worldwide, except the polar circles, the Iridium network, with worldwide coverage, without exceptions, the Thuraya network and the Mini-Vsat network, which Southern areas, such as the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific.

Plotter and electronic charts

It is the equipment on board of the yacht rental that allows to show the “current” position of the boat in addition to the best routes to follow to reach your destination avoiding obstacles. Provides added visual support through depth readings, contours and navigation aids in Ibiza

Currently there are several options on the market, Some of which combine several teams like; Plotter and GPS, as well as Plotter, GPS and Probe, are interesting options for those who only look for a equipment that includes the functions of the diverse apparatuses in one, with the condition that if one of them suffers a problem the others are affected. In addition to buying the plotter you have to think about buying the navigation charts of the area where you are going to navigate, although there are also other options to download nautical charts. The top 2 marks for rental boats in Ibiza on plotters are Raymarine and B&G systems.

Radar on board yachts for rent

Radar can be a major expense for the budget. But its usefulness is decisive to avoid dangers of collision, especially in the case of heavy fog, night navigation, etc. In these cases of reduced visibility, the radar will show the profile of the coast and elements that may be in the Environment, as is the case with other vessels, buoys and other hazards. Information can also be obtained through radar from those areas where there is a risk of heavy storms, rainfall, etc. Any recreational craft for long voyages should have a radar equipment. At present there are some models that combine the graphic information of the echo with a combination of GPS and of images of Chart-Plotter of digital cartography. Computer The computer on board has also evolved in its use, until it is a fundamental element for the electronics for boats. It can be integrated in the own card table, or even have a specific space in the carpentry of the ship. Laptops are even used in transoceanic regatta sailboats. Radars are really useful when sailing at night or under fog conditions.

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