Sailing boat or a speed boat charter in Ibiza?

Sailing boat or a speed boat charter in Ibiza?
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If you like the sea and you would love to rent a boat in Ibiza or the rest of the Balearic Islands, you will surely face the dilemma of a sailing boat charter or a skippered speed boat  charter. It is not easy. Speed boat sailing and sailboats/catamarans are two different experiences. Two different ways of enjoy the sea. Sometimes the preference is clear and we are sure of the option we prefer and in others it is really hard to choose.

The only way to be sure whether you prefer to hire a catamaran or a speed boat is obviously to try both. In general all lovers of nautics like catamarans and sailing boats.

But most of us can not afford to hire two boats to choose from. So at one point or another you have to decide to hire a sailing boat or a speed boat. For this it is interesting to know the advantages and disadvantages of one type of boat or another.

The main difference between sailing boats and speed boats is obviously propulsion. If we hire a speed boat in Ibiza or Formentera, from a simple outboard boat to a luxury yacht equipped with diesel engines, we will depend on the fuel supply. Therefore, the autonomy of the boats is limited, just as it happens in an car.

The great dilemma

In a sailing boat, we do not depend so much on the fuel supply. Sailing ships work thanks to the force of the wind. This source of energy is free and we will always dispose of it. In addition, sailing boats are usually equipped with a small motor, which we are used to enter and leave the port, or used when there is not enough wind to navigate.

One aspect we should value is time. We are not referring to weather but to time. Sailing boat charter in Ibiza requires patience, since sometimes the wind does not blow in the intensity or direction we wish. We then have to adapt to the circumstances and enjoy the navigation.

Sometimes the weather can change, and suddenly we can see ourselves in an unexpected situation. If we sail by motor, we can turn around and return quickly to the port. While if we go in a sailing boat, we will have to take it with more calm.

To sail, a much greater technical preparation is required than in motor sailing. To sail, if the boat has a certain length, we need to have a crew, in which each member takes care of certain tasks. In a speed boat, the technical preparation is less, and you do not depend so much on a crew to be able to sail.

Free as the wind or dependent on fuel

From the economic point of view, we need to know that sailing can be more costly in the long term due to maintenance. Sailing boats have many more components, which wear out with use and deterioration motivated by the sun and salt. In a sailboat we have to change the sails from time to time. As well as other fundamental pieces. In the case of speed boats also have to do a maintenance expense, but it is much simpler.

If we plan to sail at night, we have to know that sailing is not allowed in the dark. When it is night we will have to navigate by motor.

Another important aspect is that of comfort. Both sailboats and motor boats-Especially if they are already of a good length, are equipped with washbasin, table, kitchen, beds, etc.

We must not forget another question, which is the possibility of towing the boat. In principle all boats are towable. The type of trailer depends on the length of the boat, not on whether it is a sail or a speed boat.

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