Renting a Boat in Ibiza: Catamaran or Sailboat

Renting a Boat in Ibiza: Catamaran or Sailboat
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Catamarans have been popular few years from now, becoming increasingly important for rent, and more specificly in destinations like Ibiza, where the wether and the environment goes hand by hand with the fact of Renting a boat in Ibiza.

The Ibiza Boat Hire is one of the most popular activities now a days in this important spot of Spanish tourism.

Ibiza Boat Hire - Saling Ibiza Coast
Rental Catamaran Saling on Ibiza Coast

Rent Catamaran Ibiza

Basically, catamarans are sailing  yatchs composed of two tighten and extended joined hulls by a platforms. They do’t have ballast, so they are a lighter, perfect for a chart day through islands coasts like Ibiza or Formentera, in addition to being more stable and safe, giving the possibility of the skipper to hire it for big groups. Although catamarans can work with motor and sailing, the most common is that they have an engine in each hull to give that power on calm sea moments.

Rent Boat in Ibiza - Sailing Ibiza
Family enjoying on Rental Boat in Ibiza

Renting a Sailboat in Ibiza or renting a Sailboat in Ibiza?

Main differences in navigation between a catamaran and a sailboats
resides on the two helmets and a central structure where both helmets can accommodate large cabins with bathroom, and the halls come to have a considerable extent from the front to the rear.

This structure make Catamarans fasters and stables than sailboats on high seas.

Cataraman Vs Sailboat for rent: Navigation Caractheristics

Main Navigation characteristics between renting a catamaran or hire a sailboat is very recurrent questions people do about wich type of Rental Yatch they should chose, especially when deciding what type of boat to rent for midium tourist group. The truth is that the differences between both boats are remarkable, but it is more appropriate to feel the pros and cons of each. The catamaran is perfect for large groups, there is more space, and is perfecto to enjoy a charter day, however, Sailboats renting should be your choice if you are thinking on medium/large cruises, or for a family charter day or week.

Ibiza Boat Hire - Saling Ibiza
Friends Sailing on Rental Yacht in Ibiza

A significant aspect of renting a catamaran is that they are practically stable on the sea and the technical characteristic of the total absence of heel, on the other hand, if you gofor a Ibiza Sailboat Rental you will feel that greater or lesser angle of inclination so characteristic of those machines, depending on the direction of the wind. This greater stability of the catamaran supposes a considerable increase of passengers safety, offering a much more relaxed navigation between the ones that normally get dizzy in the sea. So, if you have to Hire a boat in Ibiza, do not think more, catamarans are more recommended to take on board guests without much knowledge of navigation.

Ibiza Boat Hire - Saling Ibiza
Skipper Sailing Catamaran through Ibiza Coast

Should I Rent a Catamaran or better a Sailboat if I want Speed?

If you want to feel the air through your hair, the Catamaran for hire in Ibiza for a catamaran trip in Ibiza should be your choice, it is faster than Sailboats having the same length, reaching 25% ​​more speed than a sailing ship.  However, unlike sailboats don’t manage to navigate throught buoys of more than 60 degrees where speed get down drastically.

Obviously, there are catamarans with amazing designs, but, it is very uncommon that they can forthcoming the performance of a sailboat with a simply design. This quality put Sailboats for rent in a drawback compared to hiring sailing ships when undertaking regular voyages.

Ibiza Boat Hire - Sailboat Dufour 425
Girls Tanning on one of our Rental Boats

The maneuverability that a catamaran offers is also a point of sugestion, compared with Sailboats, Catamrans for hire are more easy to drive than Sailboats. Once the skipper becomes familiar with its handling, it is much simple to move it through narrow spaces.

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