What to do to sell your boat

What to do to sell your boat
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Selling your rental boat in Ibiza is a very interesting business, given the hobby in Ibiza and Formentera for sailing in all of its modalities. Sales have picked up in the past few years, and there is a recovery on all sectors in the Baleric Islands.

Lagoon 400 catamaran for rent in Ibiza
Gorgeous image of the Lagoon 400 catamaran on full sail in Ibiza

Recommendations to sell or rent your sailing boat in Ibiza

If we want to put our rental yacht in Ibiza on sale, we will have to take advantage of social media such as internet forums, buy-sell pages or advertisements on boards of nautical clubs. Usually the online methods nowdays are the best by far. It is convenient that in the ad we offer precise information about the characteristics and the state of the charter yacht. Preferably, this advertisement for the sale of a vessel must be accompanied by a picture, the asking price and the contact details. The more pictures of the boat you publish, the better. Try that those pictures are recent and real.

Two girls in bikini on a yacht rental Ibiza
Girls having fun on a rental yacht

Previous tasks to take into account on your yacht in Ibiza

It is very important that before beginning the process of sale of the boat we have carried out all the inspection of the state of the ship for rent in Ibiza. Depending on the use of the catamaran, or the maintenance we have given it over the last few years, the price of the speedboat can be quite low. If there is any component or part of the motor boat that is not in good conditions, it should be reported to the buyer in order to avoid future problems.

speed boat hire ibiza
The speed boat for rent Sea Ray in Ibiza

Professionalism on your Ibiza boat hire

Probably the potential buyer of the boat will want to do a sailing test before deciding whether to buy the ship or not. So, it is important that the catamaran for rent in Ibiza that we are offering for sale is in good condition: cleaning, order, and the good overall condition of all the material and especially of those safety devices that are necessary is pivotal.

Documents of our Yacht hire Ibiza

To foster a serious image, it is good to show the documentation of the yacht for hire to the prospective buyer, including paperwork to show that we are up to date with tax payments and boat insurance. It is also worth taking a list with the material and showing the status of each of the components of the rental catamaran.

Lagoon 380 catamaran sailing in Formentera
Sale test for the rental catamaran in Formentera

If necessary, we have to take our boat to the mechanic’s shop before putting it on sale, and if necessary, wash the ship’s underside to clean it of the incrustations that accumulate in the hull. In addition, it is convenient to demonstrate seriousness and professionalism in the process of selling the boat, from the first contact until the closing of the operation, and have all the papers of the insurance for boats in order.


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